We specialise in the installation of Electric Vehicle Chargers at home, at the workplace and in the community.


What We Do

e-station supply, install and support Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Residential, Commercial and Public Sector clients. We provide a range of equipment designed to meet the varied needs of our customers, from simple “Plug & Play” solutions to more sophisticated networked systems. These systems can be metered and managed by a suite of software accessed by PC, tablet or smartphone and allow for the consumption of electricity to be managed and monetised.


Products, Services & Solutions

Auto Start AC Chargers

A simple solution for home charging, offering a minimum output of 7.2kW, suitable for all Electric and Plug-in Hybrids vehicles currently available in Ireland.

Smart AC Chargers

Connected chargers that offer the ability to manage and control the point of use consumption by multiple users. The data is accessible from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and can be downloaded, shared and monetised as required. The operation of the charger can also be controlled via Smartphone app.

DC Fast Chargers

Ranging from 50kW to 350kW, these high output chargers are suitable for businesses wanting to offer fast charging to employees, customers or public consumers. Consumption can be managed and monetized, being supported by a comprehensive software suite, that allows payment for consumption by multiple means.

Software Supported Systems

Access to charging data is vital for the effective management of electricity consumption, whether it be a single charger unit or an extensive network of chargers. e-station provide software packages that allow you to fully monitor, measure and control your charging system and facilitates the ability to monetise any and all of your chargers.

Service & Maintenance

e-station offers a full range of Maintenance Support for newly installed charging systems. Our Engineering Support Service team is available 24/7 to ensure our customer’s needs are met at any and all times of the day.

Featured Products

Charging Cable Type 2 -> Type 2, 1P-32A, 6 Metre

Amp: 32

Phases: 1

Length: 6 Metre

Abl Sursum eMH1 c/w 6 Metre Tethered Cable

AMP: 32

Phases: 1 kW

Output: 7.4 kW

Meter: Yes

Tethered Cable: 6 Metre

Connector Type: 2

400 x 492 x 192 mm Weight: 21kg

Abl Sursum eMH3 - Twin Socket


AMP: 32

Phases: 3 kW

Output: 22 kW

RFID Enabled: Yes

400 x 492 x 192 mm

Weight: 21kg

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