e-station Equipment

Terra 53 CLG

The Terra 53 CJG is the all in one electric vehicle charging solution. Terra 53 CJG is compatible with all CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2 AC vehicles currently on the road. This charger is the ideal choice to serve all these vehicles en route. Typical charging times range between 15 and 30 minutes.


Key specifications

  • Chargin Standard: CCS, CHAdeMO +

  • Max Output Power: 50 kW

  • Output Voltage Range: 50 - 500 Vdc

  • Max Output Current: 125 Adc



The DC Wallbox

The DC wallbox is available in 10 kW and 20 kW CCS, CHAdeMO and GB/T variants. The enclosure and HMI can be customised to create a unique look and feel. The full color touch screen provides clear information on the progress of a charging session. Charging can be started overnight using the timer feature. To avoid unintended use, the charger can be protected with a PIN code.

Key Specifications

  • 10 or 20 kW DC fast charger

  • Supports either CCS or CHAdeMO or GB/T

  • IP 44/54

  • Customisation possible



ABL Sursum - eMH1

The eMH1 is the world’s smallest charging station for private applications. It’s attractive, compact and it saves space, making it the perfect solution for your garage. 

Key Specifications

  • 1-phase 230 V/32 A, 50 Hz

  • 32A Maximum Charging Current




The Mobile Charging System

The Mobile Charging System allows you to easily and efficiently integrate EVs into your fleet. Create affordable charge spots at all your business premises, at your employees‘ homes or on-the-go. All activities are billed to a single account, fully itemised per car.


The SmartCable

  • Charging activity is logged and billed transparently

  • Access to all available SimpleSockets

Users can use all SimpleSockets and compatible charging stations without having to register first.




The SimpleSocket

  • Precise metering and attribution of all electricity volumes 

  • Extremely low running costs per SimpleSocket


The SimpleSocket provides all functions of an intelligent charging spot without being equipped with a smart meter and means for back-end communication. These are integrated within the SmartCable that the user brings along with the electric vehicle.




The ConnectivityManager is the transparent hub for all bills and charging activities, it can also displays nearby charging spots.

ConnectivityManager offers settings for the secure handling and display of all charging activities in line with your company’s privacy code.

Receive a single statement for all charging activities per vehicle irrespective of location.